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Improve your IPTV experience with the best app.

IMPlayer is not an IPTV service and does not provide any live tv or V.O.D content or services, so you need to buy an IPTV service.

Note: The subscription is a one-time payment (No Recurring nor Pre-approved).

When a subscription expired, you have to make a new transaction to renew.

Contact us via WhatsApp before purchase to get a 2-day free trial.

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Why Choose OTV IPTV?

We are a premium IPTV subscription provider with many years of experience.

Our IPTV service provides you with the best image quality thanks to our powerful and stable non-interference servers, which will guarantee you the best quality live TV and VOD.

  • Fast Reliable Servers
  • High Compatibility
  • Top-notch Support
  • Cost Savings
  • FHD & 4K Streaming
  • Easy Setup

What is iMplayer?

iMplayer is an IPTV player for Android devices with a live TV application.

It allows you to watch IPTV apps with live streaming, video on demand, and catch up using M3U URLs or Xtreme code APIs.

Features of iMplayer

  • Manage Codes: connect to your external providers to provide you with a customized experience
  • Supports MU, XML, TV, EPG URLs
  • Allows you to generate links through the XC portal, log in to the API and walker/MAG portal using the XC portal, and log in to the XC portal using the HLS (M3U8) format
  • Display time and date
  • Playback SD-HD quality based on Internet speed
  • Allows you to record the played video
  • With parental controls
  • Displays channel and program type for easy channel selection
  • Customizable buttons and playback options

Please note that some features are not available in the free version, they include the following.

Premium version features.

  • Customizable TV guide
  • Manual channel sorting
  • Favorite channels add option
  • Locked channels
  • Rewind function
  • Recording function
  • Follow up
  • Multi-view
  • Multiple playlist support

How much does iMplayer Premium cost?

Most of the available app subscriptions are paid on a monthly basis.

Fortunately, iMPlayer requires a lifetime membership at a reasonable price.

The price of the premium version varies, depending on the number of devices supported per subscription.

2 devices: $20
3 devices: $25
4 devices: $28
5 devices: $35

Is iMplayer free?

iMplayer is free to download and use with your IPTV subscription, but you can also purchase the premium version to unlock additional features such as VOD, recording, catch-up, advanced settings, etc.

How to set up an IPTV subscription on iMPlayer?

After installing the iMPlayer App on your device, you will need to complete the setup process.

Please follow the short guide below to set up iMPlayer using your preferred IPTV service.

1- Open iMplayer and click Add Playlist.

implayer add playlist

2- You can then choose to log in using the M3U URL or the Xtreme Codes API.

xc to implayer

3- In this example, we are using the Xtreme Codes API to connect our IPTV account to iMPlayer.
So please click on Use XC Portal Login API above.

4- Enter your IPTV subscription information, then click Add and Connect.

5- Wait for the channel to finish loading.

It’s great! You’ve successfully set up your IPTV subscription in iMPlayer. Then stream your favorite live channels.


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